A little bit about us...

Mass Street Sweet Shoppe was opened in November 2102 by Michelle Miller and Karl Capps, and is trying to bring back some of the same type of sweet offerings that were offered on Massachusetts Street during the past 25 years. The shop will also keep some of the cupcake offerings from the former Cupcake Construction Company.

In addition to these old favorites, The Sweet Shoppe carries a wide variety of treats, hoping to truly offer "something for everyone." There all types of candy, ice cream for shakes and malts, a variety of beverages.

Karl comes to the Sweet Shoppe from the reasl estate and construction industry and hopes to make this one of the most exciting candy shops in the Midwest. and hopes to make this one of the most famous candy shops in the entire world.

Michelle loves spending time in the kitchen, and is bringing the best recipes from her childhood, as well as a few she came up with on her own. She is excited to bring her own family recipes to the store, so that the Lawrence community can enjoy the treats that she loved as a child.

We will carry many kinds of candy, including chocolate covered sweets, salt water taffy, cakes, pies and many more family favorites.

We look forward to seeing you in the Shoppe! Grab your friends or kids and hurry down!

Our building's history...

The building housing The Mass Street Sweet Shoppe was built in 1864 just after Quantrill's Raid in 1863. The only building remaining after the raid is just south of our location, at 729/731, now home to Francis Sporting Goods and the Lids hat shop.

Before the Sweet Shoppe, a wide variety of businesses called the building home, from tailors to utility companies. Remember any of these?

  • 1864-1871 A. Marks & Company (jewelry store)
  • 1871-1873 G.W. Cook & Company (shoe store)
  • 1873-1876 A.R. Wooster & Company (drugstore)
  • 1876-1883 S. McConnell & Company (tailor)
  • 1883-1893 A. Weber & Son (merchant/tailor)
  • 1893-1897 Kansas Water & Light (utility)
  • 1897-1904 Lawrence Water Company (utility)
  • 1904-1908 Morgate Cigar Company (tobacconist)
  • 1908-1914 Koch & Berchem (tailor)
  • 1914-1916 Koch Tailor (tailor)
  • 1916-1947 A. Lawrence Photography Studio (photographer)
  • 1948-1997 George's Pipe Shop (tobacconist)
  • 1998-2007 Southwest & More (specialty gift shop)
  • 2009-2011 The Pink Box (bakery)
  • 2011-2012 Cupcake Construction Company (bakery)
  • 2012-Present Massachusetts Street Sweet Shoppe (candy store)